Assignment 4: Black and Red

Finally getting around to updating again (still owe a great DOF photo).  This was taken with the lights turned off in my room and the bathroom light on, hence the dark edge.  I still needed to do some post processing with the color tint to get it right.  I could have tried playing around with the ISO settings or the WB, but it was getting too hot wearing a coat and hat indoors.  Also, I should have ironed the sheet I used to cover the door so the folds didn’t show.  Oh well, next time.

I got a little carried away with the post-processing and created this not-so-natural version using another photo from the shoot.  At least the wrinkles in the sheet don’t show as much in this version.

Assignment 3: Bokeh

I was really excited to do this assignment because bokeh pics are always so pretty and magical looking.  Then I realized it’s hard to find a good bokeh environment.  To induce the bokeh in my photos, I composed the cupcakes (courtesy Georgetown Cupcakes, Bethesda) and used a sequined clutch as the backdrop.  I had a tough time getting the colors to come out right under the warm lighting of my kitchen.  I need to play around more with the white balance next time I do indoor shots.

Here’s a tribute to the failed trip to see the winter lights at Brookside Gardens which turned into a race to catch the gelato and cupcake shops before they closed.  Gelato was a failure too, but at least we got the cupcakes (too bad I ate the red velvet before the photo shoot).

Not bokeh, but the focus is in-line with the winter theme of this photo shoot – Mint Chocolate Cupcake

Assignment 2: Depth of Field

Our second assignment was depth of field…both deep and shallow.  I tried a few times while on vacation in Hawaii and got a few shots.

This one has a pretty shallow depth of field.  I was trying to focus on the flower, but the stepping on the banks of the creek was pretty precarious so I ended up having to focus as close to the flower as I could get without falling into the water.  I was surprised to see the tiniest bit of earth in focus in front of the flower.

This was another attempt.  Didn’t get what I wanted as far as DOF, but I liked the bokeh in the background.  I can never seem to get good bokeh when I try, only accidentally.

Assignment 1: Self Portrait

So our first assignment was to do a self portrait.  I didn’t have my SLR with me, but this is my current favorite spot to be, so I decided to take my pic while I was in the moment of appreciating the landscape.  This little ‘pond’ is located along Powder Mill Road and I think it’s part of the USDA land where they have all those experimental farms.  The pic was taken with my new high-zoom point and shoot…Sony cybershot H55.  I would have liked to try out the manual settings, but I really felt sketchy, so I snapped a few quick pics n left as fast as I could.

I couldn’t really get creative since I was pulled over on the side of a narrow road being a sketch taking photos.  So I had to do the best I could after balancing my camera on the edge of a guardrail and ‘running’ over some rocks to get into the frame.  I had to crop the picture cuz the squat pose was not attractive 🙂

Painting my face…

Was awake late and got bored, so I decided to fool around with makeup and create a look that I’d otherwise be far too shy to wear out in public.


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