assignment five: worm’s eye view

february 2, 2011

once again, i went through my stash of pictures from last summer for this assignment — but it’s the first thing that came to mind when i thought of worm’s eye view. it’s pretty much the standard, “tall monument, taken from below” shot — said monument being the seattle space needle in this case. oddly enough, i liked this shot quite a bit when i first took it…but when i was going to post it, i realized i didn’t particularly care for it in color. so to lightroom i went to try a bit of post-processing and see how it looked in black and white…and i think i like it a lot better…but that’s just me…

what do you think?



assignment four: black & red

january 25, 2011

question: what’s black and white and red all over?

answer: my next photo assignment! bahahaha…i crack myself (and im sure only myself!) up!

excuse me for the horribly bad joke but it was so easy that i simply couldn’t resist! anyways, for this assignment i wasn’t sure exactly what it meant, so i decided it meant whatever i wanted it to mean! which in my case, included some post-processing of my picture. it’s essentially a close-up of a poppy that i saw when heading to deception pass park last summer. and even though it’s old, i think it still counts.

i call this: the poppy is also a flower. (by the way, does anyone know where that’s from? my mom used to say it to me all the time but i never bothered to find out where it was from or what it was all about…)

assignment three: bokeh

january 18, 2011

remember how i said i was going to avoid using a christmas tree/christmas tree lights for my bokeh assignment? (of course you don’t, barring one or two conversations, that was merely a random thought in my head)

anyways, i may have lied

it’s not my fault though…not really anyways. the holiday season just made it so much easier to include bokeh in my pictures because there were lights just about everywhere i looked! that being said, i did attempt to set-up some kind of a shot without any christmas lights…and in my opinion, it isn’t very exciting. although the ones with christmas lights weren’t really exciting either…

the fruits of my efforts are below. i’ve included a couple of different shots since i didn’t really like any of them that much. the first is my attempt at creating a (somewhat) interesting shot with no holiday lights at all…just caught the chandelier’s reflection in a mirror before dinner one evening.

speaking of chandeliers…this next shot is what i consider my “cheating” shot since it’s got the christmas tree in the background. it’s a picture of the angel that we hang off our chandelier every holiday season…we’ve had her for as long as i can remember and even though she’s kind of starting to fall apart, i can’t bear to let my mom throw her away.

this last shot is a string of decorative christmas lights that were hanging as part of the ICE! “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” exhibit at the national harbor. again, not terribly exciting, but i liked the colors! and the bokeh circles are pretty close to perfect circles…


assignment two: depth of field (shallow)

january 13, 2011

ok i know it’s been a while but i’m FINALLY getting around to posting my shallow depth of field picture (bidisha — thanks for the motivation!!) i know i’m technically still behind (bokeh assignment yet to come) but i’m working on it…promise!

anyways…shallow depth of field tends to confuse me a little bit because i’m honestly not sure what the difference is between shallow DOF and close-ups. so i turned to my trusty know-it-all companion (google) and hoped to figure it out once and for all!

…except that didn’t quite happen…although from what i can tell, it seems to me that they’re both more or less the same thing since most close-ups generally use shallow DOF. thoughts from my fellow photographers?

the shot below is from a little cafe in santa barbara that arjun and i stopped at while doing the drive along the pacific coast highway last year…i loved the cutesy little buckets and vintage bottle-vases on every table! and i think (and hope!) it counts as shallow DOF since the focus is on the foreground…


assignment two: depth of field (great)

october 28, 2010

so much for updating regularly…really need to stop slacking on this front!

not sure if this really counts as a great depth of field picture but i feel like it sorta gives you depth in terms of looking down the street. took this shot this past weekend in old town seattle while it was still raining — really liked the way the lights reflect and bounce off the slick cobblestone!

shallow depth of field pic to come shortly! (seriously….)


assignment one: self-portrait

july 21, 2010

project photography has commenced! now to see how long it lasts…

for our first assignment, we decided to start with something basic — a self-portrait. except it proved to be a little more challenging than i thought…but maybe that was just me. anyways, since i have yet to really learn how to use my camera,  i wanted to take a picture that shared an aspect of my personality…instead of a “cool” picture…cuz quite frankly, i don’t know how to take those!

so  after taking a shower and staring blankly into my closet for a good 15 minutes, trying to decide what to wear, a light bulb suddenly went off and i decided that was going to be my picture. at the time, it seemed like a decent enough idea. after all, as anyone who knows me can attest to, i have more clothes than i probably need. and i spend a good amount of time staring into my closet when i’m picking out what to wear. unfortunately, i dont think it turned out quite the way i had pictured it…

oh well, at least it’s only the first assignment!


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