Another Worm’s Eye View…

February 5, 2011

This was my original idea for the Bird’s Eye View Picture. Case Western’s campus is composed of buildings that look very different from one another. Unlike College Park, there’s little uniformity which makes for a more suburban campus. I will posting pictures of some of the really interesting buildings when the weather breaks.

It seems as though they put up a wind turbine on campus overnight…one day I walked by and it was there. I finally went to take pictures but the sky was such a dull grey that day that the picture came out bland. After a bit of post processing ( I did not convert to black and white), here’s what I came up with:

January, 30 2011

I noticed that all my pictures are taken inside, so my goal for the next assignment is to go outside!

I digress, so…this was also taken in my apartment. My first summer here Malika convinced me to decorate, this is about as far as I got. I’ve only lit the candles twice since my grand purchase- both times for game night; both times for when my apartment was overheated and everyone was sweating to begin with. over function!

Assignment 4: Black & Red

January 18, 2011

What does this assignment mean? Something that is black and red originally OR something that we do in post-processing… I decided to do both. I had no intention of updating again so soon but the answer to the assignment was literally right in front of me. Kavitha and I keep our old textbooks on the shelves in our living room so we can feel accomplished…that or the fact that  we were offered 1 cent when trying to sell them back.I decided to put down my actual reading for tomorrow to take some shots of reading from years past…

note: the chipped mug was not added for effect, I needed some caffeine and I still love that mug, flaws and all.


January, 17 2011

I finally downloaded Picasa to my Mac and discovered all the great things you can do to your pictures for FREE! I realize it doesn’t preserve the photo quality as well (especially if you are shooting in RAW) but for my amateur status, it works very well. One of my favorite functions was that it created collages for you.

Holly’s family graciously hosted us for a very fun weekend of skiing, eating, relaxing and lots and lots of snow! Here are some of the highlights–photos from skiing and other activities not available for camera preservation purposes…

Ellicottville, New York

Ellicottville, New York

Back to Assignment 2: Great Depth of Field

January 11,2011

I like this picture because of the colors but I’m not sure it encompasses enough depth…This photo was taken at Yogiberry in Bethesda. It is amazing to see how many froyo places have opened up in the greater Washington area in the past five years. I can’t comment on the quality of the yogurt because we’re usually in a rush (literally) running towards Georgetown Cupcake to try anything else…but the crowds inside seem to indicate that their plethora of flavors and toppings are satisfying enough to compete with the best of the best in the area.

Yogiberry, Bethesda Row

Assignment 3: Bokeh

January 6, 2011

I feel like this may be cheating since Melanie also posted a Christmas Tree picture…but I feel (in my limited knowledge of bokeh) that xmas tree lights are very conducive to bokeh  shots! Thanks to my model Misu!

Assignment 2: Depth of Field

January 3, 2011

I’m pretty new to this photography thing so I’m not sure this counts….I call this: Clementines on my Couch.  This is my shallow picture, great depth of field coming soon!

Assignment 1: Self-Portrait

January 3, 2011

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that this is my M.O. for looking into the mirror: Zoolander meets Miss Piggy. It’s become such a habit that sometimes I often do not notice I’m sucking in my cheeks until someone points it out (once in a public bathroom and subsequently announced to the rest of the class).


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