Misu Tasnim is always tired yet also super-saturated with caffeine. She could try to get more sleep, but instead she fills her time with things like photography and reading food blogs.

Parth Modi is one of the most interesting people in the world. Busy becoming a doctor, he occasionally shoots when inspired.

Melanie Der takes her photos with both eyes closed, which is the reason why all of her photos are blurry.

Malika Raghavan was set to go to law school when she decided against it only a month before starting. Instead, she now spends time taking pictures in the hope that she will one day become a renowned photojournalist! …Or at least learn how to use her camera so she can shoot “cool” pictures.

Scott aka “Arjun Luthra” is Malika’s homeboy. They share lenses. It’s romantic.

Bidisha Bagchi jumped right on to her friends’ dslr bandwagon and has been enjoying the ride ever since. She has also taken a great interest in starting and being part of blogs, perhaps it’s because she did decide on law school.