Fiji Film

Three weeks ago we married in front of our family and friends and it was the most exciting, exhilarating and exhausting experience! True to our respective natures, at the reception, Samir delivered a well thought out speech that he had written and practiced a couple of times. I, on the other hand, decided what I was going to say as I was throwing my hands up in the air to music during our entrance. So my speech didn’t exactly go as planned.

I meant to share the story of our first date. We were at a mexican restaurant in L.A.  When our food arrived, he noticed me eyeing the tiny serving of guacamole on his plate. He asked me if I liked guacamole, to which I tried to casually respond that I liked it a lot. The next thing I knew, he had taken all my chips and scooped up guacamole on each one and placed it back on my plate. I quickly learned that this gesture was only a glimpse of the kind of warm and caring person that he is.

So I should have expected nothing less when it came to the wonderful honeymoon he planned.  Two days after the event, we traveled to Savusavu in Fiji. The island was absolutely beautiful and the people were so welcoming. It was well worth the 24 hour trip, if for no other reason, I’m back to posting on the blog!

DSC_0603DSC_0179Fiji FlimDSC_0059DSC_0050
DSC_0320Fiji Flim1DSC_0173DSC_0148DSC_0034DSC_0270Fiji Flim2DSC_0071DSC_0420DSC_0204DSC_0461DSC_0573DSC_0235DSC_0294DSC_0536


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