Climb Every Mountain : Guest Blogger James

I am excited to welcome back our returning guest blogger James Taneja! You may remember his Abu Dhabi photos some time back, but our friend and international man of adventure is still traveling between work and taking lots of pictures along the way. Just recently, he and some friends climbed Mont Blanc. According to my intensive Wikipedia research, it is the highest mountain in the Alps and the European Union. Perhaps even more impressive than making the climb is the fact that he took the time to take so many breathtaking pictures during the trip! After reading your description, I’m glad you and your camera made it back in one piece!

“Day after day, there were elements of surprise, fear, relief, vindication and elation. Every day, we all thought to ourselves, “wow, can’t believe we just did that” to only repeat the same thought the next night. Certain days,  I (if not everyone) couldn’t sleep right away because closing our eyes only led to flashbacks of the day’s craziness or thoughts and expectations of the next day.  The trip is now over and we all five are headed back to our normal daily lives, scattered around the country. The pictures you will see and the videos you may watch will only begin to explain the trip. I can only invite you to the Massif to fully experience what it means to climb any part of the Alps.” – James

Photo #1

Desktop5Photo #2MBM_028MBM_056MBM_101Desktop4Second to LastPhoto

MBM_164 (1)Last Photo


One thought on “Climb Every Mountain : Guest Blogger James

  1. Incredible photos – I especially like the one fourth up from the bottom, of the line of people trekking along the curving ridge into the obscurity of the fog and snow.

    Also, hi Bidisha!

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