Country Living: Reupholstered Chairs

So you may or may not know, Art and I got ourselves a lovely townhouse in the “sticks.” We were fortunate enough to have hand-me-downs from cousins who were down-sizing. One of the pieces we got was a great dining table that seats 8. This dining set is probably as old as I am and had some stains to match. As suggested, we decided to reupholster the chairs.

Seems like the head table chairs had minimal stains because they weren’t used as much.

SUPPLIES: Staple gun, staples, fabric, and most importantly a boyfriend to do the stapling.

I spent hours at the fabric store trying to pick the best pattern and came across this gold and navy stripe. Two of the chairs are for the heads of the table and I wanted to use a different fabric for those, but wasn’t able to find anything to my liking, so they are back on the to-do list.

My cousin doesn’t have pets…but it sure looks like something or someone was gnawing at the chair legs.

As mentioned in the supplies list, Art did most of the handy work and I was more of a helper, taking frequent Twizzler snack breaks. The staple gun I purchased was extremely hard to go through the chair frame. It could be that my staples were too heavy duty too. A hammer helped knocking in staples that didn’t penetrate completely. I thought this would be a weak-friendly project, apparently not.

The fabric was cut so we could decide later which way we wanted the pattern to go. A normal bolt of fabric at the store is about 54 inches vertical and we got about 3.5 yards to have enough for 6 chairs plus some extra for mistakes and future touchups. We measured out about 24 x 26 inches for each seat with plenty of leftover to cut away. Which way do you think we chose?

Well, we couldn’t decide and liked both! We did half vertical and half horizontal. I would suggest to anyone trying to do chairs with a stripe pattern to make sure you pull evenly on both sides when stapling the fabric so your lines don’t warp and making it seem like you have an astigmatism.

There is slight puckering and folds here and there, but overall, they turned out great!

We have our elephant table runner from Thailand and perfect hydrangeas from Art’s Mama’s garden.

Thank you so much, Betty & Steven for giving us this beautiful table!

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