D&D Celebrate!

This past weekend TCBDubs traveled from far and wide to be together to celebrate Dhaval and Deesha’s marriage. Like so many of our trips it was filled with laughter. A lot of laughter. The I-can’t-really-breathe-but-i’m-not-sure-why, laughter.

But, for a change, we dressed up, headed out and had an amazing time. I must say, the bride and groom were so easygoing and fun that it was difficult to capture any (in focus) pictures of them! They were quite busy owning it on the dance floor! So we settled on taking a massive amount of each other, in between doing the Dougie, of course.

Let’s just leave it to the professionals! Don’t forget to check out the REAL upcoming wedding pictures by the wildly gifted (m+a) photography!

Credit: Melanie Der
Melanie Der

Credit: Parth Modi

Credit: Melanie Der

Congrats Dhaval and Deesha!

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