Disaster Averted

So I had been browsing Pinterest for months looking for the perfect haircut. I am pretty boring and am not very adventurous when it comes to hair. I finally decided on bangs! Not the sideswept kind, but straight across, potentially cute or potentially very, very bad bangs. I saved some photos I liked and finally made an appointment.
Below is a collage (courtesy of Bidisha) of me this morning with my iPhone since my camera was out of battery.
After I got the shampoo, I finally sat down in the chair. He told me he’d first cut the bangs long to get me used to the look and then cut shorter to my liking. When he made the initial cut, I thought, oh crap, what have I done? I look like Moe (far right) from the Three Stooges.
As he began to cut more, it started to get better. Throughout the cut I liked it, then blinked and didn’t like it. This went back and forth until he was done and I decided that I loved it! It’s different and just what I needed. There are still very Moe-like qualities to the haircut, but it don’t bother me. My mom and Arthur did one of those silent, but loud laughs initially and said, ‘You like SUPER Asian.” Dad hasn’t seen it yet.
And here is the photo that I chose as a sample. We all know I picked it because the girl was cute.
Although I would have liked if my ends were cut straight instead of layered. I’ll just wait until I go back for my trim to fix it.
What do y’all think?

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