This weekend some wonderful people were in town. They were here to meet different people for different reasons. But we all gathered together.

Before I even took the pictures I planned on explaining all our connections on the blog: How some of us are from Maryland and how others grew up in Tennessee (and how I did both). How some of us know each other from high school, others from college, and a couple of us who allegedly saw one another from afar in law school. I was going to explain who was married, who was engaged and who was just starting out. I had some high hopes for this post.Unfortunately the weekend was too short and too fun to take all the pictures I hoped to get.  Fortunately, two other members of CF were present and have some great pictures of ALL of us which I hope they will share at some point (nudge, nudge)!

It’s always special to spend time with people you care about, especially when they can quote just as many, if not more, lines from episodes of Friends as you can 🙂

Photo Credit: Arjun Luthra


One thought on “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

  1. aw this was so sweet! too bad we didn’t take all the pictures we had planned for! i’ll try and get a couple of our pictures up by the end of the week — promise!! 🙂

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