My First Time…With Photoshop

If you’re on Instagram (first, let me know, so I can follow you) you know the joys of pressing the refresh button and waiting less than a second for new pictures to pop up. And if you’re like me, you feel a little extra excitement when the little orange menu pops up, showing someone actually liked the photo. Score!

I’ve always been annoyed with people’s status updates on Facebook. I silently think, I couldn’t care less what you ate for dinner, and yes, thank you for telling me it’s Friday.  Okay, perhaps I’m not so silent about it. But when someone posts a picture of their dinner, adds that vintagey (old) look, I’m fascinated!

For a year and a half, I’ve relied on some pretty amateur software to do my post-processing.  Finally, I took the plunge. I signed up for a free trial of photoshop (talk about serious commitment). And so far I like what I’m seeing! I turned to one of my favorite blogs  —The Daybook Blog— for a tutorial on achieving that glowly look for pictures. For the tutorial, follow this link.



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