Colors of the Wind

I decided to stay in tonight, watching tv bad enough to be slated for Friday night. Fairly Legal just gave a shout out to Case Western Law. That was the highlight.

I started flipping through pictures I’ve taken in the past few months. If any loyal readers remember  the “Who Run the World” photoshoot with my fellow photog Mel, you’ll remember my striking, high fashion poses. She wasn’t the only one taking pictures. It was really cold and windy that day but we wanted to test out our gifts: Her new Cannon D60 and my external flash and polarizer. We were determined. We ended up at Chipotle minutes later.

This is the only shot I got that I liked. But I like it a lot for some reason. I think it’s the vibrant colors. I keep coming back to this picture. It’s time I just put it up.

For info on polarizer filters, see here. My brother referred me to my own blog for a tutorial. Thanks Arjun!


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