The day after Ayan and Nikoletta’s wedding, I dragged Arthur to the PHS Flower Show. Every year the Philadelphia Horticultural Society has a themed show of flora. This year’s theme was Hawaii. To make this trip a little more tolerable, Art called his friends from NY to join us for the day.

We drove through Chinatown.

Food Network featured Tommy DiNic’s spot at Reading Terminal, so we decided to make a pit stop for lunch.

“CHEESE STEAKS WITH BROCCOLI RABE!” is what I would have screamed if I loved cheese steak sandwiches, but I didn’t. I do not like cheese steaks, nor do I understand the obsession with it.

Okay so the photo of the sandwich is a bit anti-climatic, but I was being yelled at to hurry up and eat my food and stop taking photos…

So $56 later (for 2 adults, purchased online saved $4), we were inside the flower show! It is quite expensive. The show lasts for exactly 1 week, any longer and the flowers would be dead.

We watched 3 floral designers for 30 minutes, yes an entire half hour, while they made their masterpieces. There’s also a section of sample home gardens. The show is made up all things gardening or potentially garden related.

Above and below are some flower art. If you look closely to the one above, the black squares are motherboards.

There were a few headpieces on display. I really should read the captions to artwork because I don’t know which place this piece came in nor what the theme was.

I thought the 2012 show was aiiight. I was blown away with last year’s Paris theme so I had very high hopes, still beautiful nonetheless. 2013 is London, so…English gardens?

Until next time.


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