No Time For Cameras, We’ll Use Our Eyes Instead

Photos by Arjun

Sometimes I steal things.  I have been known, on this blog, to steal my friends intellectual property every once in a while. Luckily (or unluckily) I skipped all the courses on IP and copyright in law school. Therefore, I plead ignorance. But I steal for everyone’s good. Like Robin Hood only more technologically savvy.

Many times I think my fellow bloggers don’t realize how great their photos are or they are too lazy to post them. Definitely a combination. But when I look through some of their photos, I think, wow! This is completely blogworthy! And not just because I like to say the word blogworthy.

I knew nothing about taking photos when I joined Continuous Focus last year. Let me be real, I still don’t. I think my contribution to the blog is that I try to stay motivated. And I try to motivate ( and pester) others to post.  Why? Because it’s about learning and becoming better. Thanks to my friends I understand a lot of things about my Nikon a lot better. ISO, aperture, shutter speed, camera words…yeah…

This blog has been an asset to us all, whether it served as a portfolio,  a springboard into starting a business, or telling friends, “I have a blog!” So I’m grateful. I’m grateful we share something with each other that we, in turn, share with others. I think it’s pretty cool.

That’s why I steal.


2 thoughts on “No Time For Cameras, We’ll Use Our Eyes Instead

  1. Aww bidisha, this is a great post! I will most def try to be more motivated – just gotta get my Mac back in good health 🙂

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