Hit the City

After a lunch date with the girls in DC (at a restaurant I will not recommend) Mel and I decided to be tourists. It was the prefect day, too. 55 degrees in January!  Too bad I was my usual hot mess self.  First I forgot my memory card. Luckily we found a Penn Camera near by and I purchased another one. But it turned out to be a futile effort because as we were approaching the botanical gardens and the Capitol, I realized I had no battery left. To top it off, I lost my metro card for the ride home. Don’t ask why I wasn’t carrying a SmartTrip. I think I’ve been gone too long…

Taken on my iPhone. No post processing necessary! Doesn't it look like a green screen?

Melanie’s off touring east Asia for a bit. When she returns, I hope she uploads more fabulous pictures of me (chowing down ice cream like the “before” on a Jenny Craig commercial). In the meantime, I’ll post one of my fellow photographer.

Navy Memorial, Washington DC

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