Resolutions Were Meant To Be Broken

one of my resolutions for 2012 (and just about every year before) is to eat healthier. ya know, to cut back on all the cookies and chocolate and sugary-goodness that i love so much and instead turn towards carrots and celery and apples for satisfaction. i know, i know….i make it sound terribly tempting.

anyways, usually i’m pretty successful in keeping my resolutions for at least a few days. for at least a few days, i’ll drink at least 8 glasses of water and skip on the something sweet in between and after every meal. i’ll even make sure i eat every meal (yes, sadly this is a problem for me.) but not this year. this year, i broke my “eating healthy” resolution on january 1st itself. and i mean *broke* it. but i’m not gonna lie, i’m not even upset. because that night, it was oh-so-totally-worth-it! 😀

speaking of resolutions, i also plan to be more consistent about updating this fabulous blog. i’m aiming for posting at least once a week. and hopefully, just hopefully, it’ll be blog-worthy and more than just another instagram picture courtesy my iPhone every time. (of course, this week doesn’t count :P)

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