Clean Your Gear

Recently we found out that our camera sensor was dirty. How? We saw the same spots on a bunch of pictures. But it wasn’t on all of them but a lot of them. There has to be a pattern right? There was. All pictures shot with a small aperture (f5.6 and higher for us) had the spots. The higher the aperture the clearer the spots. Let’s see some examples:

See the black spot?  Top, left side. This is shot at f7.1.

How about this one? See, same place, and it’s also clearer because this is shot at f14. But now also look at the right side. See those small black spots all over the place?

How do you find these? Shoot on white, over expose an image at the highest aperture you can go to and see what you get. Our camera sensor was really really dirty, this is what I saw (note I didn’t over expose this one, I learnt that trick after). This one is shot at f22.

What if your camera is dirty? You can get your camera cleaned very easily. Take it to a local shop, took us about 15 minutes. You can also do it yourself, but I felt lazy and I didn’t want to ruin the camera anymore than it already was.

How do you prevent this from happening? Be careful where and how you change your lens. Don’t do it in a windy place and if you have to, point it down or away from the wind.

What do you do if you have pictures that have these spots?  Photoshop.


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