Assignment 8 – Action – Malika

we haven’t had any new assignments in a while — which is a good thing cuz i have some catching up to do!

when we decided to make “action” an assignment, i knew i wanted to try and capture some shots of my brother, sahil at tae kwon do. a few years ago, i had taken (what i thought were ) some pretty cool pictures of him at a demo and figured since i have a DSLR now, i’d be able to get even better ones.

i waited and waited but sadly he didn’t have any demos in the last couple of months so i finally decided to simply tag along to one of his sparring practices and shoot for the best. and although most of the pictures turned out okay, i definitely need to work on getting the settings just right so my shots are crystal clear!

check out that muscle definition!

and just for fun — there was a really cute kid there who was jumping around and pretending to beat sahil up while they were warming up (he also happened to be the master’s son)


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