Blossoms by Night

First stop – fireworks along the water. 40 degree weather, and blocked by a tall building – bummer view.  Cold temperatures and bad views don’t stop us – we must carry on and photograph those blossoms!

Unplanned pit stop – we park at a broken meter (but have the courtesy to call in the deed) – Why?  We NEEDED gelato and were afraid the shop (Pitango) might close if we searched for parking any longer.  Cold temps may not derail us, but gelato sure does.






Final stop – Tidal Basin.  Most people go to DC to view the cherry blossoms by day, Melanie and I are too cool for conformity.  We view them by night – parking along shady streets, tip-toeing past sleeping homeless people, crossing highway ramps, and finally arriving at the Tidal Basin to photograph cherry blossoms in windy, frigid weather until our fingers go numb and our tears freeze down our cheeks (only slight dramatization).


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