Best I Ever Had

While visiting a friend in SF, we had brunch with some of his friends and one of them mentioned the best dessert she’d ever had was in SF.  Of course my eyes lit up at the thought of dessert (even though I was only halfway through brunch).  Here was the dilemma:

– Best-dessert-I-ever-had bread pudding vs. famous spiced donuts and coffee

– Flight to catch in 2 hours

Due to time and proximity, we had a tough decision to make, otherwise I would have voted to stop at both places.  We decided to try out the bread pudding.  We showed up at the restaurant, Chaya, to be told that they were not yet open for dinner.  We explained that we had a flight to catch and all we wanted was bread pudding.  They let us in – yay!!

Chaya staff, thank you for letting us in early and delivering on your AMAZING bread pudding 🙂

This is a picture of their drink specials sign – thought it was cute.


4 thoughts on “Best I Ever Had

  1. I’m not a fan of bread pudding either, but this was to-die-for. It was made with croissants instead of traditional bread…mmmm I want some now.

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