Processing Fun – B&W

Walking down the street in Vegas (sober mind you), I decided to take pictures as I crossed without looking (ok maybe I’m not naturally sober, but whatever).  The result was this pretty boring picture which at first glance was a total delete.  I had read about black and white processing and decided to give some of those ideas a try on this picture.  I did a few things, all using Lightroom.  First thing I did was to hit the magic auto tone button to get some of the aspects of the exposure right, minor adjustments but gave the photo some depth.  Second thing I did was to convert it to black and white, this made it much much better.  Final thing I played with was blue and red levels while in black and white which brought out the clouds and made the lights glow.  I thought the results turned this picture into a keeper one which I may print out.


One thought on “Processing Fun – B&W

  1. Gotta give the first picture credit for being a good base, but you’re right, the B&W version really makes it poster-worthy. Good eye!

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