Assignment 6 – Lines – Malika

i was planning on using one of my pictures from last year (yet again!) for this assignment, but i was clearing up the dining table the other day and realized there were some interesting lines right in front of me! so i grabbed the camera and took a few shots with the best of my efforts on display below.

the dining table actually has a criss-cross of metal underneath it where you can put things like tablemats when they’re not being used. this shot was taken between the glass and the metal, with one of chairs in the background…the blinds from the screen door behind the chair were just an added bonus!

and just because i like this picture from last year, i decided i’d include it. i actually took this shot at deception pass last year because i thought the lines under the bridge were interesting so i figure it works!

i know both the pictures are black and white but i felt like the lines and texture came out more after taking out the color.


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