Assignment 5 – Worm’s Eye View (Part II) – Bidisha (again)

This was my original idea for the Worm’s Eye View Picture. Case Western’s campus is composed of buildings that look very different from one another. Unlike College Park, there’s little uniformity which makes for a more suburban campus. I will posting pictures of some of the really interesting buildings when the weather breaks.

It seems as though they put up a wind turbine on campus overnight…one day I walked by and it was there. I finally went to take pictures but the sky was such a dull grey that day that the picture came out bland. After a bit of post processing ( I did not convert to black and white), here’s what I came up with:


3 thoughts on “Assignment 5 – Worm’s Eye View (Part II) – Bidisha (again)

  1. wow i didn’t realize how forward case was, wind turbines. impressive. are they as loud as some cities complain them to be?

  2. I like your blog, Bidisha! I followed the link in your gchat status.

    Photography is so cool. Maybe we can find time to catch up next time you’re in town!

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