Assignment 4 – Black & Red – Bidisha

What does this assignment mean? Something that is black and red originally OR something that we do in post-processing… I decided to do both. I had no intention of updating again so soon but the answer to the assignment was literally right in front of me. Kavitha and I keep our old textbooks on the shelves in our living room so we can feel accomplished…that or the fact that  we were offered 1 cent when trying to sell them back.I decided to put down my actual reading for tomorrow to take some shots of reading from years past…

note: the chipped mug was not added for effect, I needed some caffeine and I still love that mug, flaws and all.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 4 – Black & Red – Bidisha

  1. those books look so intimidating. i cant handle books that thick without pictures

    i like the subject material for the assignment

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