Assignment 2 – Shallow Depth of Field – Malika

january 13, 2011

ok i know it’s been a while but i’m FINALLY getting around to posting my shallow depth of field picture (bidisha — thanks for the motivation!!) i know i’m technically still behind (bokeh assignment yet to come) but i’m working on it…promise!

anyways…shallow depth of field tends to confuse me a little bit because i’m honestly not sure what the difference is between shallow DOF and close-ups. so i turned to my trusty know-it-all companion (google) and hoped to figure it out once and for all!

…except that didn’t quite happen…although from what i can tell, it seems to me that they’re both more or less the same thing since most close-ups generally use shallow DOF. thoughts from my fellow photographers?

the shot below is from a little cafe in santa barbara that arjun and i stopped at while doing the drive along the pacific coast highway last year…i loved the cutesy little buckets and vintage bottle-vases on every table! and i think (and hope!) it counts as shallow DOF since the focus is on the foreground…


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