Assignment 1 – Self Portrait – Misu

So our first assignment was to do a self portrait.  I didn’t have my SLR with me, but this is my current favorite spot to be, so I decided to take my pic while I was in the moment of appreciating the landscape.  This little ‘pond’ is located along Powder Mill Road and I think it’s part of the USDA land where they have all those experimental farms.  The pic was taken with my new high-zoom point and shoot…Sony cybershot H55.  I would have liked to try out the manual settings, but I really felt sketchy, so I snapped a few quick pics n left as fast as I could.

I couldn’t really get creative since I was pulled over on the side of a narrow road being a sketch taking photos.  So I had to do the best I could after balancing my camera on the edge of a guardrail and ‘running’ over some rocks to get into the frame.  I had to crop the picture cuz the squat pose was not attractive :)


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