Assignment 1 – Self Portrait – Malika

project photography has commenced! now to see how long it lasts…

for our first assignment, we decided to start with something basic — a self-portrait. except it proved to be a little more challenging than i thought…but maybe that was just me. anyways, since i have yet to really learn how to use my camera,  i wanted to take a picture that shared an aspect of my personality…instead of a “cool” picture…cuz quite frankly, i don’t know how to take those!

so  after taking a shower and staring blankly into my closet for a good 15 minutes, trying to decide what to wear, a light bulb suddenly went off and i decided that was going to be my picture. at the time, it seemed like a decent enough idea. after all, as anyone who knows me can attest to, i have more clothes than i probably need. and i spend a good amount of time staring into my closet when i’m picking out what to wear. unfortunately, i dont think it turned out quite the way i had pictured it…

oh well, at least it’s only the first assignment!


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